Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Has it been a year already?

Wow. There is only five months left before we return home to Massachusetts. I am not relating this because I am excited and counting the days until we leave. It is just that the time has gone by so fast that it doesn't seem possible that we have been here in Russia for over a year now.

I remember so well that overwhelming feeling of awe as I realized that we were in Russia! (Of course I don't recollect too much of the first two weeks because of the severe jet lag I suffered). I remember a few events in a foggy kind of way.

It has been mentioned to us, "wow, you must be getting excited to leave and go home." No, I can honestly say neither Dave or I feel that way. The blessings of internet has kept us connected with those we love back home. We were called to serve here for 18 months and we want to make sure we stay focused on our responsibilities here.

The time for returning home will be here soon enough. Until then, we plan on cramming in as many wonderful sites and cultural events as we can. We plan on serving in the Moscow Mission office to the best of our ability and being there for President and Sister Sorenson and all of our wonderful missionaries that we are blessed to serve.

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