Sunday, April 14, 2013

A leap of faith.....into Spring

Yesterday, Saturday, was sunny with blue skies. Something those in Russia cherish. Temps were in the 40's. Birds were singing, men were busy chopping away ice and snow and hauling it away. Snow banks are shrinking rapidly and whack tails are seen in abundance. What is a whack tail? It is a larger bird here in Russia with a long tail that flutters rapidly in rudder-like fashion up and down, up and down. It is mostly gray. This bird and the robin have something in common in that they are signs of spring.

I took a giant leap of faith yesterday and packed my winter boots away, winter scarf, and LL Bean mittens.  I noticed that temperatures are supposed to be in the high 40's and early 50's this next week. YAY. It appears that there IS an end to the long dark snowy winter of Russia.

Instead of seeing people cross-country skiing, I am seeing kids on skateboards, skates and bikes. It is WONDERFUL.

We are now turning our thoughts to getting out on weekends and doing some more sight-seeing in this beautiful country. Sometimes we will be accompanied by our wonderful office elders and sometimes we will venture out on our own or with another couple or group of couples.

We live on a very busy highway. We are now hearing another sign of spring.  The roar and sputter of motorcycles racing along. They are very noisy.


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