Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our wonderful missionaries

Twice a month we have our Zelonograd district for dinner.How we love these young missionaries!
We have had the privilege of getting to know many missionaries over the past 14 months. They get moved around to different companionships and have a chance to serve in different areas.

They take a bus to us and back home and even though Zelonograd is only about 35 minutes away from Mitino where we live, the bus ride generally takes much longer with the heavy traffic and road conditions.

We have a nice dinner. (boy can those missionaries eat!) We love listening to the six of them chat amongst themselves.

The meeting starts with a hymn which is sung in Russian. Our district leader Elder Atteron conducted the meeting.  The purpose in training is to learn how to be a better missionary and be more effective in missionary work. The district meeting is a place to show support for each other, share their succeses and challenges. They district also sets goals together.

 Our missionaries work hard. The language is sometimes a barrier. They meet with hostility at times, (our sister missionaries were kicked off the bus this past week for simply talking to passengers they met on the bus). They also meet people who are looking for Light in their lives and are very interested.

Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for these young missionaries who are spending 18 months to two years of their life in spreading the gosepl. They put their lives on hold to share this great Gift with others.

There was a very sweet spirit last night in our home as we witnessed the love of these missionaries for each other and those they serve.

We are grateful to play a small part in this wonderful work here in Moscow. We don't proselyte. We take care of our missionaries and their needs the best we can. We serve those whom the Lord has called to serve.

We have many "sons" and "daughters" to love for a while and it makes us both very happy.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

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