Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saying goodbye

Our wonderful neighbors and friends, John and Carolyn Naegle, CES (Church Education System) missionaries are leaving this week for their home. When we arrived in Moscow a year ago March, they took us under their wing. They live in the apartment next to ours, work in the same building, same floor. They helped orient us to our responsibilities in the office. The office couple before us, the Gronnings, left wonderful notes which helped immensely; however, they were not there.

Fortunately for me, Sister Naegle has excellent computer skills and was able to help me get on board. She and Elder Naegle filled in when the Gronnings left a month before we arrived. Carolyn was so patient with me and so kind in showing me (more than once usually) how to do something. In fact, before they leave this next week, she is going to show me how to do one more project on the computer that I don't have any idea of how to start.

We have not only been missionaries together, we have become very good friends. They took us around Mitino and showed us how to buy a bus pass, where to grocery shop, how to use the metro, they had our apartment all ready for us, cleaned and stocked with food and took us on a couple of sight seeing trips. Many weekend evenings we have played games together, enjoyed a meal together and laughed together.

When I was really sick, they were both there for me.

They have been a great blessing to us. We love them. We will miss them. They gave us a great gift. The gift of friendship and love which both of us will always cherish.

We had them over for dinner last night and one more rousing game of Hand and Foot, guys against the girls. Guys beat us again, but it was a close game. We will have to wait until we see them again to play again.

We wish them God speed as they return to their family in UT and look forward to seeing them again.

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