Monday, April 15, 2013

What do I see?

What do I see as I look out our apartment window 10 stories up. A couple of weeks ago, I saw people cross country skiing and lots of snow. Men were constantly shoveling to keep roadways and sidewalks clear. What do I see now? SPRING! SPRING IS REALLY HERE! Temps are in the low 60's instead of in the  30's. I see children on skateboards, roller blades, toddlers pushing toy strollers, kids on bikes, kids skipping rope, little ones playing on the playground on the swings and sandbox, Moms sitting with a book while their little ones play, older kids playing tag, dogs scampering joyfully around. People are coming out of the woodwork to welcome spring. It is truly delightful.
After the snowiest winter in 100 years and the coldest March on record, I say it is about time! There has been warmth in the sun's rays, there is no more ice or snow on the sidewalks. YAY!
To be honest, kids use the playground year round and dogs scamper in the snow as well as in the grass, but you get the drift of what I'm saying. Goodbye winter coats! Goodbye winter boots and scarves!
As we were enjoying a brief walk yesterday afternoon, we saw buds on the bushes (if you looked hard enough), new grass was pushing through the muddy ground, birds were singing and it just felt like spring.
As I sit here at the computer, the windows are open to let in the fresh air and the sound of children playing and dogs barking float up to the window. It is a beautiful sound.
I AM HAPPY. I survived the Russian winter totally in tact without falling or freezing. Looking forward to long days of light (and I mean really long).
I love spring, with its renewal and promise of new life. I was beginning to wonder if this beautiful time of the year would ever come. I urge you to go outside and enjoy the warm breeze and look for new signs of life everywhere.
Until later, dos vidonya and HAPPY SPRING to you!

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