Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

On March 21 we were treated to a musical feast as we attended, with several other missionary senior couples, the RUSSIAN NATIONAL FOLK INSTRUMENT ORCHESTRA. This group of talented men and women have entertained audiences around the world.
Barb with some of the past conductors in the background.

The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall was established in 1921 and seats 1600 people. It is home to the State Philharmonic, the oldest symphony orchestra in Russia.

The conductor, Vladimir Andropov, has also conducted in the famous Bolshoi Theatre. You could tell how much he loved what he was doing. The orchestra performed flawlessly.
This concert gave us another first experience as we immersed ourselves in Russian folk music.
They are dressed beautifully.
The conductor Vladimir Andropov and Vasily, a wonderful entertainer w/ a beautiful voice.

Our ears were truly treated to a festival of music unlike any we have ever heard before. (REALLY!)
Well,  first of all, the music this large orchestra played were Russian pieces, some of which were composed 1000 years ago. We hadn't heard it before.
Second, the instruments were unusual and unlike any we had seen before. There were many stringed instruments, a couple of accordians, a piccolo, drums. I don't have names of the stringed instruments, but the music was lively and lovely.
Have you ever seen instruments like this? WOW.

Not only were there instrumental numbers, but we were treated to some very talented singers and folk dancers as well.
They sang like angels. Their dresses were lovely.
They danced a little too.
They were joined by four young girls who danced up a storm!
The men and women in this number were dressed in
                                        traditional Russian folk wear. So beautiful.

It was a night to remember! The very last number was the only one we recognized. It was very fast and perfectly done. As we have immersed ourselves in Russian culture, we are aware of what a privilege it is to be here amongst a people with so much talent!

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