Wednesday, April 3, 2013


All morning I had seen through the kitchen window, large orange dump trucks driving by empty,  and then coming back in the other direction filled with dirty snow. Where was it going? On its way to the river to be dumped. Where had all this snow come from? I learned the answer later in the day.
as I watched as a small truck with a couple of "scoopers" on the front of it was, as suggested, scooping up the snow in front of it in a scooping motion. It was like two big hands working simultaneously scooping the snow onto a chute which went up over the small truck. The snow was then dropped into the flat bed of a truck who had backed up to it. When the truck bed was full of snow, it drove off and another truck backed into place for the next load of snow.  All of this snow was coming from the side of the road next to the curb. It worked its way down the road until it had to stop because there were cars parked there.

There was A LOT of snow. The snow banks were very high, and the snow piled up on sides of the road were slushy and deep.

This past year has been the snowiest in Russia in 100 years and March the coldest on record. I'm happy to say we survived it very well (thanks to LL Bean coat and Siberia winter boots.)

However, I just can't tell you HOW SICK I AM OF WINTER! We have seen a few sunny days with blue skies, but there has been a lot of gray overcast days.

We had an unpleasant April Fools joke when it started snowing hard! It is now April 3. Last year at this time, Spring came very quickly. Dare we hope for the same this year? Time will tell. Until then, even though the snow banks have diminished and the air is a tad warmer, I won't believe Spring is here until the snow is gone, the grass is greening and trees are budding. Who knows how long that will take? Until then, dos vidonya.

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