Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Russia National Dancers

Our experience began when we had to find our way to the Cosmos Hotel where it was. We are learning our way around the metro. It took 3 different metro lines (they go by color) to arrive. Being able to read the stops helps a lot. We left from Tushkenskya and ended up Voodenhah.  It is spelled with a Russian B, a Russian D, a Russian H and a Russian X.  BDHX spells Voodenhah.  The B and D don't look like that, but they H and X are the same. Anyway, we were pleased to get there safely and meet up with our friends the Naegle's, the Cook's and their families who are visiting from the States.

The Hotel is HUGE, luxurious and very high-end and the show took place in their concert hall.

It doesn't make any sense to be living in this beautiful land of Russia and not take advantage of the culture here. So, we were really happy to have this chance to see the

This incredible dance show has entertained audiences all over the world, from Russia to Australia. We were delighted  The show presented its most refined form of Russian traditional performance art. There were over 50 dancers and many unique costumes decorated with pearls, silver and gold, all created and hand-embroidered especially for the show. WOW. There are over 300 unique costumes and we were privileged to see perhaps 30 of them.

The show was presented against a backdrop of panoramic sets that reflected the pre-revolutionary Russia, patriotism, and modern Russia, from orthodox to heroic. It gave us a glimpse of the traditions and culture and history of this country.

There were many kinds of dancing, to include Russian and the countries surrounding Russia that included the Old Soviet Union to include Ukraine and Latvia. It was so impressive to see the dancers gliding. You didn't see them walking; they were gliding. They were on their tiptoes. It was such a beautiful sight.

It was fun. It was mesmerizing. There was humor and a bit of light acting in one of the performances. The dancers had amazing stamina and fitness. They are in outstanding shape to be able to dance the way they did.

There were dances performed to include countries around the world, to include 1950's America!

.Anyway, we experienced Russian culture at it's best and it is not something we will soon forget. In fact, we bought a DVD to bring home with us so we can enjoy the experience again and share it with our friends and family.

Dave and I both agreed that it has been one of the best performances we have ever witnessed.  Since both of us have birthdays in September, we decided that this was a wonderful birthday gift to each other!

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