Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh bread and whortleberry juice

I continue to look for Russian foods to try. Surprisingly, a lot of the foods we thought were Russian really are Ukranian. Today when I was in our productee, I was looking around and found some whortleberry juice - a Russian food. So, I decided we would have a little glass of it with our dinner. It appears that whortleberries grow on trees. I need to do a little research to be sure. The juice tasted similar to cranberry juice, but a bit milder.

Also, when I walked into the productee, the 2 women who work there are almost always sitting there behind the counter. This morning neither of them were there. Hmmmm. The productee is made up of three small rooms. The room we walk into where the cashier is also has booze lined up on the walls to the left. There are two rooms on the right - one with juices and frozen food and junk food (just like back home!) and the other room to the right has the beans, rice, flour, eggs, dairy, etc and on the right as you walk into the room is two large baskets, usually full of fresh bread. Today that's where my two friends were. Fresh bread had just been delivered and they were busy wrapping half loaves of a dark bread in baggies. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the fresh bread here and today I saw just how fresh!

Bread is so inexpensive here. One loaf is 16 rubles, just over $.50. ( and more depending on the size. A HUGE loaf of fresh baked bread costs a little over $1 that would easily be $4 in the Big Y back home. (and not as good.)

Anyway, we enjoyed fresh bread (I never get packaged bread here with all the fresh bread available), whortleberry juice and a delicious homemade veggie pot pie for dinner. Dave topped his meal off with a piece of delicious dark Russian chocolate.

Until tomorrow, dos vidonya!!

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