Wednesday, September 12, 2012

American Russian Dental Center (ARDC)

Today was our trip to the dentist for teeth cleaning. After a bus ride and 2 metro stops, plus a 10 minute walk, we arrived at 11:10, 50 minutes early. We were told that the hygenist would not be in until 2. Luckily, it is a beautiful warm sunny day here in Moscow, so we walked around and ended up having lunch at the Starlight Diner, a fifties American diner with wonderful food. We are going to be going there to celebrate our birthdays in a few days.

The ARDC is a beautiful modern facility. BUT there is a major difference. When you walk in, there are two little machines on the floor to your right. Remember when I mentioned that Russians take off their shoes when they come into your home? Well, you put your feet one at a time in the first machine and WHOOSH! your foot is magically wrapped in a blue plastic bootie (similar to what you find in hospitals). This protects their floors and you don't have to take off your shoes.

Our teeth cleaning experience was a bit different, but Helen, our hygenist did a wonderful job. They use all the techniques as back home for the most part. We were each given a pair of goggles to wear, which is a good thing because, as Dave described it, he felt like he had been through a car wash. Helen used a LOT of high-powered water irrigation type therapy along with the other usual teeth cleaning techniques. The dentist who runs the ARDC lives in Sacramento and works a month in each location, going back and forth. We didn't get to meet him as this is his month in Sacramento.

Well, on the way out of the dentist office, we were able to use the other machine by the front door. This one, you put your slippered foot in and it takes off your disposable slipper and whisks it away. Kind of cool.

We got back to our apartment after 4 with another new experience under our belt. Until next time, dos vidonya.

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