Monday, September 24, 2012


A babushka is grandmother in Russian. I have read a book to Abby numerous times about a babushka. An older somewhat chunky woman with a wrinkled face, baggy stockings and a kerchief around her head. That is my description. We have a few babushkas in the Zelonograd Ward that fit this description.
I have a Russian friend, Onya, who works in the CES Office in our building. She was born in Siberia, served a mission for the Church in Japan, is a single gal who works hard. Onya is what I would describe as a typical Russian. A little quiet and perhaps a bit standoffish with people she doesn't know. However, as we have gotten to know each other and become friends, her warmth and humor and loveliness shines through.
Today I was getting ready to leave the office and she commented. "Oh, happy belated birthday.. I LOVE your hat you look so cute" she said." Do I look like a 62 year old babushka? " I asked. She said her grandmas were 65 and 79 when they died and they looked like babushkas. She said, you do not look 62 and you do not look like a babushka. You are a cute lady." Well, you can imagine that that just made my day.
While I LOVE being a babushka, I don't ever want to look like the Russian version of one. If I do, just shoot me and put me out of my misery.  Dos vidonya.
PS - there are many young beautiful attractive babushkas in Russia

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