Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just Tripping along!

Today I was using the two largest burners on the stove top and the oven was on, along with the fan.  It is most annoying that the circuit breaker kept tripping! I can only imagine what preparing Thanksgiving dinner for us and 6 missionaries is going to be like! Luckily the circuit breaker board is right outside the front door.


I have trimmed Dave's hair a couple of times over the past 6 weeks but there was not doubt he was getting a bit shaggy so one of the office elders made an appointment for him to go to the barber at 5:00 on our way to Central Building. This meant leaving earlier to catch an earlier bus to take us to the metro. Well, we got there 25 minutes early. I was wandering around on Music Alley waiting for him. He came out within 5 minutes and said there was a line of 4 men in front of him and that it didn't matter that he had called ahead. He would still have to wait his turn and it would be close to 6 before he could be seen. So much for making an appointment!!


I have been curious exactly how much we are spending at the grocery store since I am shopping so differently and in rubles instead of dollars.I kept tract this month and was very surprised to see tha including toothpaste, dish soap, etc. I came in $200 under my bill back home. Maybe it's because we are eating so much more simply? I'm not sure, but it's good. As I said, we are eating a lot of fresh produce, lately from gardens that Russian people are selling to us. Since we are eating out so much out of necessity, I'm guessing we're not paying any more than we would back home.

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