Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Trip to the grocery store

Today was another first for me. I went to the grocery store alone. Not a big deal you say? Well, it is to me. With the security guards posted at the front entrance and the language barrier, it was always more comfortable to go with Dave.  BUT it was time to go alone. AND I have learned what to do and not to do to get into trouble with the guards.

I walked out the front door of the apartment at 10:40, walked over to the "little white store" which is what we call the grocery store we most frequent. I know pretty much where everything is so shopping didn't take long. I was hoping there were lasagne noodles and there were, BUT they were on the highest shelf where I couldn't reach. I waited for a tall person to walk by and ask for help. (by pointing of course). It's amazing what you can accomplish if you smile and point.

Because of the lack of a checking account, we haven't really kept tract of how much we are spending in catagories like we would do at home. I decided it was time to find out how much I am spending at the grocery store and how close it is to my budget back home. The receipt was for 999.73, or approximatley $32.25. Another 500 rubles at the renock where I got fresh veggies, or $16.12. I am curious to know at the end of the month how much I spend here. We will see. We are always within the money allotted for the month and have never gone over so that is good.

My watch died and I wanted another one. In the malls they are VERY pricey, but I finally found one at one of the outdoor renocks, a Calvin Klein for 1000 rubles, or approximately $32 so I bought it. We both need fur-lined winter boots which we will buy a little later.

However, if the temperatures keep dropping it will be sooner than later. We really didn't have a summer, with it in the 80's only about 10 - 14 days and now it is in the 50's and 60's. As my daughter would say, it is NOT amusing.

Anyway, another experience under my belt. One experince I will never have (intentionally anyway) is traveling the metro by myself. As I have said before, the metro is HUGE and even though I may know to take the purple line for 12 stops and switch to the green line for one, getting from the purple to the green is a problem for me. Nobody ever accused me of having a sense of direction.

I have to admit traveling by myself is not something I want to do. I do know how to get to Z-grad on the bus which consists of 2 bus rides and a 10-minute walk, but do not want to go by myself. So, I probably never will. At least that is my plan.

Until later, dos vidonya.

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