Monday, September 24, 2012

Arrested! (and a pack of wild dogs)

You have probably figured out that it is not us that were arrested. Today, Elder Everett and his companion came into the office. Elder E, was one of our office elders for the first several months and we both grew very close to him. Anyway, it has been an exciting week for him and Elder L.

They were singing songs when the police cars came rushing up and arrested them, right in the middle of I Am A Child Of God....for singing. It appears that someone didn't like their singing and called the police. Four missionaries, 2 elders and 2 sisters were crammed in the back of the police car and taken in for questioning. There was no one to translate. Luckily, the elders could understand. They called Luba, our contact if we should get into trouble of any kind. Fortunately, the missionaries happened to be in the town Luba lives in so it didn't take long for her to arrive and get everything straightened out. Thank heavens for Luba!

A PACK OF WILD DOGS -  The area that Elder L. and Elder E were walking in one night last week wasn't the best. There were many drunk and aggressive people around. However, Elder E related the experince they had when coming into this area. A pack of 7 wild dogs started following them. They growled at people who came too close to the two young elders. Eventually, about half of the dogs went in front so that the elders were surrounded by dogs. It appeared that Elder L and Elder E had their own security guards.  A couple of drunks (not using any sense) approached the elders aggressively and met with angry barking. Sometimes guardian angels have four legs and a tail, what do you think?

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