Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sounds a little fishy to me.

There are some things here in this great land of Russia that I will never get used to.. I have been going to the "little white store" (favorite and closest grocery store) for months and I just noticed something I hadn't seen before. In one of the aisles on the end near the ketchup there are different kinds of dried fish in saranwrap-type wrapping. It's amazing that anyone would buy it.I had noticed them before; however, I didn't notice that there is also goldfish to buy. Goldfish? Those yummy crackers in different flavors? NO! REAL GOLDFISH. REAL DEAD GOLDFISH, dried and ready to snack on. YUCK.

But  even more gross in my opinion is popcorn. They do have microwave popcorn available which isn't very good I hear. I would love to buy just plain old popcorn that I can pop myself, with nothing added. Our friends the Luekenga's found a packet of microwave popcorn in the back of their kitchen cupboard one day and their kids, who were visiting from the States, decided to fix it for a snack. As they are nibbling away, they make faces and said, "this tastes kind of fishy." Upon closer investigation, it was determined that yes, it was not their imagination. The popcorn was indeed fishy.  Are you ready for this? They were eating cavier-flavored popcorn. HOW GROSS IS THAT???

Is it any wonder we have added plain popcorn to our wish list to be sent to us? In return, I will try to find caviar-flavored to bring back to you if you want.

Until later, dos vidonya!

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