Friday, June 7, 2013


A couple of weeks ago two of our sister missionaries ended up in the ICU at the hospital after ingesting less than a teaspoon of vinegar. How could that happen? Well, here in Russia vinegar comes in different strengths. What they took was close to 80% instead of the 3 or 6% in the States. There had been concern that it had burned through the esophagus but luckily, it didn't and they are now as good as new. I'm not sure at all why they have vinegar here that is so powerful that it can kill, but they do and it does. It is a miracle these sweet young women are ok. The reason they took it in the first place was that they were told that ingesting a small amount of vinegar would keep the mosquitos away.

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  1. Because there is no bleach? To make moonshine?