Friday, June 7, 2013


How blessed we are to have good medical care back in the States. Here in Moscow, the medical care is pretty good. Dr. S. the missionary over the European area, says that the hospitals in some of the outlying cities look like something you would see in a 1950's movie and that they are about 35 years behind here in Moscow. It isn't because the doctors aren't smart. It has to do with training. Can you imagine staying in the hospital for over a month with a broken leg? Recently we learned of a young woman who had taken a bad fall last winter and waited on the snowy street for a couple of hours before the ambulance came. Then once she was in the hospital, she was on a gurney in the hall for a couple of days before she was properly tended to. Then her stay ended up to be weeks.
In the outlying cities, a hospital stay is MUCH different. A patient must supply their own toilet paper, meals (unless you want cream of wheat three times a day) and bedding. There just isn't the money for these hospitals to furnish these basics.
We notice that here in Moscow that hospital stays tend to be much longer than back home. (Elder G was hospitalized for 5 days for kidney stones) He finally signed himself out.
SO grateful for good medical care and good training.

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