Monday, June 10, 2013

Little miracles in a vast country

Elder  Michael Roberts shared an experience he and his companion Elder Dillon Brown had as they were traveling to three different cities to meet with some referrals and to attend a baptism. While they were on the metro, he asked a man standing next to him if he was interested in learning about the gospel. The man, named Demonte said yes and they exchanged phone numbers.. The conversation lasted only a  couple of minutes as the missionaries were getting off at the next stop.

Later, Elder Roberts called Demonte and asked if he would like to meet with the missionaries, as they were visiting in his city of Kursk. Demonte said yes and they met at a little cafe. The missionaries learned that Demonte had been investigating different churches and had blonged to a Buddhist church for a while but stopped going because it didn't have what he was looking for.  Later, he joined the Orthodox church after he married, because his wife insisted on it. He wasn't happy with that church either.  After his divorce, he continued his search for a church. Demonte asked which church the missionaries belonged to and when they told him Mormon, he said, "I have heard of the Mormons. My friends daughter moved to Virginia where she joined the Church. Her brother Artyom visited his sister in the US and joined the Church too. He lives here in Kursk."

The missionaries know Artyom, who is the only member of the Church in Kursk. What are the chances of meeting a man on the metro, crowded with rush hour passengers, who is looking for truth who just happens to be friends with the father of a man who is the only member of the church in the town of Kursk?

 He believed everything the missionaries taught him. He wants to learn more. The missionaries will continue going to this city a couple of times a month to meet with him.  Elder Roberts has come to the end of his two years and will be heading home to UT later this week. Because of the connection he has with Demonte, he will stay in touch with him through Skyping.

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