Sunday, June 30, 2013

A one-sided conversation

Last Sunday before we got off to the bus to go Church, I recognized one of the babushkas. I asked her if she needed help w/ her bag. (no). I started walking with her. She was happy for the company and started talking - in Russian of course.  She was pointing things out to me, laughing, and chatting happily. Now she knows I don't speak Russian, but she didn't care. I did ask her what her name was and I didn't get any response. I know most of them by name, but not hers. Anyway, for 10 minutes she talked and laughed and I nodded and smiled. When we got to the Church, she thanked me and we went our separate ways. She just needed to talk and I guess she figured I wouldn't interrupt or talk back. She had a good time and so did I, even though even by the end of meetings I still didn't know her name.

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