Sunday, June 16, 2013

Icing on the Cake - a most precious gift

Today, June 14th, Elder Sutton and I received a most precious gift.
The mission meeting we attended was a joyous occasion as we all came together to hear the inspiring words of God's chosen servants, hear the testimonies of precious missionaries who, after faithfully serving here, are on their way back to their homes in the United States and Sweden, to resume their life, go back to school, marry and raise their forever families.

Two of our sweet sister missionaries, Sister Prows and Sister Pope, came up to me before the meeting and said they needed to meet with Elder Sutton and I right after the meeting was over.

After the meeting was over, they were acting a bit mysterious. They led the two of us to a quiet room where we would not be disturbed and closed the door.

They expressed their love for us and said they had prepared a little musical number for us.

From the Sound of Music and to the tune of the song Doe a deer, they sang the following song sweetly to us:\\

Doe, the money the Sutton's give us
Ray, the light you bring in lives
Me, the one you help so much
Fa, you live so far away
So, we love you both so much
La-tvia the place we go
Tea, a drink with sadushkey
that will bring us back to doe, doe, doe, doe

Doe me me, me so so
ra fa fa . a tea tea

When your back account is fraud
he will call to let you know

Doe ray me fa so la tea
do so do!!

with love,
Sister Heidi Prows and
Sister Sarah Pope

They sang like angels
Our hearts were full of gratitude and love for these sweet sisters

It truly was the icing on the cake to a day we didn't think could be any better! But they made it so!

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