Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today we just had fun

Today President Sorenson suggested that we order pizza to enjoy with our office elders as it is  Elder Law's last day in the office.  We had fun together. President Sorenson, Elder Sutton, Elder Bradford and Elder Law, Luba, our Russian registration clerk, and I were chatting and bantering playfully with each other. Alexander, our mission driver, joined us about halfway through and handed President Sorenson an envelope after explaining to him in Russian what it was. He was laughing as he explained. Alexander had a good belly laugh over this envelope. We learned that the envelope contained three speeding tickets which President Sorenson received when he was in Tver, a city about 300 miles or so out of Moscow.
President Sorenson didn't know he had been ticketed until Alexander brought them to him from the Service Center where they had been mailed. He received three tickets within a twenty minute span of time (caught on camera). One ticket was for exceeding the speed limit by about 5 MPH.
That is so laughable.  So he gets ticketed for going a few miles over a speed limit?
Alexander was so tickled by this that he was laughing so heartily that he made all of us laugh. Here you have an ex- fighter pilot who has been driving for the mission for a few years (and sometimes drives like he used to fly). However, all of us agree that we feel safe with Alexander. He has great reflexes.
President Sorenson was relieved when he learned that the combined cost of the three tickets was only 900 rubles or about $30. He will pay this fine before he leaves to return to America the end of June.
It was SO much fun, being together as an office family just enjoying each other's company.
We will miss Elder Law. We will miss President Sorenson. But today we were altogether and just had fun.

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