Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tzaritizina Park

We went, along with two other senior couples, to Tzaritzina Park. The grounds were lush and green and very beautiful and well kept. There were only a few tulips left. The grounds keepers were in the process of removing the tulips and replacing them with other beautiful flowers. We went inside Catherine the Great's palace. It was a bit disappointing. We expected to see more of what it looked like in her day. The palace was built as a summer home for her according to her specifications. However, she did not like it and refused to live there. (Not that that was a problem) She had several large homes from St. Petersburg to Moscow. She was born in May 1729 in Prussia (now Poland) and died in 1796.  I encourage you to check her out on Google and learn about this interesting woman. "She was the most powerful woman in the world, dragging Russia out of medieval stupor into the modern world."
The original palace sat empty for years and was destroyed. It was reconstructed recently. There are beautiful paintings that are light and show what life was like in the 1700's in Russia and some were painted in the 1960's or 1970's. There are a few pieces of old furniture. We also saw old foundations and there was a room of artifacts of things found when the first palace was destroyed.
                                          A beautiful painting of Catherine the Great in the palace
A sculpture of Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great's palace
The palace was huge, but most of it was off limits
to the public. this was the most beautiful room we saw.
These giraffes were next to a little outside café. Not
quite sure where giraffes fit in, but it makes for a cute picture
of Elder Ken Pierson, Elder David Sutton, and Elder Ken Storm
a pretty island
beautiful water fountains. At dusk they
light up in a myriad of colors.
Here are the girls on the giraffes.
Sister Carolyn Pierson, Sister Sheryl Storm, Sister Barbara Sutton
Here we are in front of the water fountains.

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