Sunday, May 26, 2013

just funny

It is true that people are the same the world over. A couple of days ago as Dave and I were going down the escalator at the metro station to catch the train to Tzaritzina, a man was ahead of us. He appeared in a hurry. At the bottom of each escalator at each metro there is a little cubicle, similar to the toll booths in the States In the cubicle is a person sits keeping an eye on the people on the escalator with the help of cameras. The woman (who must have been bored out of her mind - I mean, really, can you imagine anything too much more boring?) was sound asleep her head down in her lap. The man tapped loudly on her window as he zipped by to catch the train. Her head came groggily up and she didn't look any too happy. He turned around with a big grin on his face to see if he had succeeded in getting her up. It made me laugh.  It was just funny.

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