Sunday, May 26, 2013


Our missionaries here have an activity that is referred to as slamming. There is a cookie here in  Russia called a kon-teek. It is kind of like an oreo cookie, two cookies with filling in the middle and there is a hole on one end. The missionaries dip the end of the cookie into warm chocolate milk and suck the filling out through the hole. The cookie collapses into a big cookie mess. (but fun). Just something silly. Our sister missionaries, Sister Snyder and Sister McDaniel, brought some kon-teeks so they could teach us how to slam. :0) a once-in a lifetime experience.
Sister Erin McDaniel and Sister Ashley Snyder
first you take a bit at the end of the cookie
opposite the end with the hole in it
                                         then you dip the cookie in warm milk and suck out
                                           the creamy filling. the cookie dissolves and
                                           makes a big cookie mess!

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