Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Museum of Astronauts

A couple of weeks ago Dave went with our office elders, Elder Bryant Law and Elder Daniel Bradford, to the Memorial Museum of Astronauts located in northeast Moscow. It is a very modern and large museum. The Russia space program and part of the US space program was included, to include Neil Armstrong. There were a lot of displays with space hardware and photographs. Dave compared it favorably to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Of course, the descriptions were in Russian, but they enjoyed looking around. There was a lot to see and they were in there for three hours.
Russia has several days a year where different museums are free and they hit the jackpot and got in free.
Dave really enjoyed pictures taken of the Hubble telescope which showed colors and formations seen in space, which he mentioned was just another testament of the reality of God.
The three of them went out to lunch afterwards and they really enjoyed themselves a lot. They had what you could say "an out of this world day!"
this huge and very tall sculpture was in the middle
of the museum on the roof. It is a rocketship with
the smoke trail. Very impressive.
Dave in front of the museum
beautiful tulips off to the side.

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