Sunday, May 26, 2013


One of the responsibilities I have is to supply de-worming pills for missionaries returning back home. This is no easy feat. Most often they are very difficult to get in the quantity I need, if at all. Last Saturday I walked into Mitino to get the pills from the one apteka (pharmacy) that I had had success in. It had been turned into a productee. Oh oh. I walked back and went into the apteka that is almost right across the street from our apartment. I had never had luck in there before, but I was desperate. WOW. They had the pills. I was SO excited. I got the two available. (better than nothing). I went back a couple of days ago and the girl behind the counter recognizes me by now. She gives me a knowing smile and brings out 12 boxes! I was in heaven. I bought ten of them. I'm sure she wonders what I do with all these de-worming pills Another good thing is that the cost per box is about $.75 or 19 rubles. I will go back next week. If I'm lucky she will anticipate my visit and just start having lots on hand for me (so I can stock up). I hit the jackpot!

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