Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Russian Easter

Russian Easter was celebrated on 5 May. It was a lovely day. A young woman whom we see at the bus stop every Sunday and always smiles at us, approached and spoke, handing me a handmade Easter egg. Then a hug, which is almost unheard of in Russia. These wonderful people are generally so reserved. That was so nice. At Church different members shared their love of the Savior and gratitude for his resurrection. They say Christ is risen! to everyone they meet. (in Russian of course). There was a sweet spirit there and we appreciated Elder Marx, our young missionary who was able to translate for us.

Two of my little buddies came up to me. Nikita, the same age as our grandson Kevin, came up and gave me a hug out of the blue and little 5 year old Slava, came rushing up, Baboula! Baboula! and had lots of ugs for me as well. One sweet sister came up and placed a little crocheted Easter egg in my hand and anothe rcame up and said in English, "Merry Easter." My heart was touched by these little acts of kindness.

We have noticed that even with the language barrier, we are part of this ward. We feel at home there. I notice when families or members are missing. Bishop Mocholov is OUR bishop. Zelonograd is OUR ward. We love the poeple and even though it is frustrating at times not to be able to understand most of what is said, we feel love and acceptance and joy to be in their mids

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