Sunday, March 10, 2013

I LOVE being a missionary

Where has the last year gone? It flew by. While I admit freely that I would'nt want to relive those first 2 1/2 months for anything upon arriving here, I LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE working in the mission office.
When we put in our papers to go on a mission, we decided not to ask for anything or anyplace. We answered the questions on the detailed questionnaire and sent it in on October 17 2012. BUT neither one of us wanted to work in an office.
Well, guess what? We were called to work in the Russia Moscow Mission Office for President and Sister Sorenson. And guess what else??? WE LOVE IT. We are loving our service in the mission office.
It has been mentioned before that there are many, many different kinds of missions.
As time has gone by we have both realized that our missionary responsibilities have to do more with our missionaries. We have the blessing of meeting and greeting and orienting them. We have the blessing of rub shoulders with them when they come into the office for various reasons. We have the blessing of serving them, of helping them. We have the blessing of serving our mission president and helping him in whatever way we can to make the load on his shoulders a little easier.
Especially now, that the mission has become so huge, it makes Elder Sutton and I feel good to know that President Sorenson can go about his widespread responsibilities and know that the office is in good hands.
Yes, I am still struggling a bit with my lack of organization,  BUT I am improving. :) Dave, who is not come from a financial background has worked very hard to learn his responsiblities in the office and serves as financial secretary, office manager and as President Sorenson's executive secretary. I am the office secretary.
We LOVE what I am doing. We LOVE our missionaries. We LOVE serving them, both the young missionaries and our incredible senior couples. We love our missionaries in the Zelonograd Ward. We have them in our home twice a month for dinner and to enjoy district meeting with them and share with them what we can.

"Sister Sutton, you are an angel; Thanks Sister Sutton, you're a diamond; I love you Sister Sutton; you do such a good job taking care of us, Sister Sutton; thanks for all you do; Sister Sutton, am I still your favorite missionary????"  I love the hugs I get from our sister missionaries. Yes, I DO LOVE MY MISSIONARIES!

and Dave also is blessed to have a close relationship with the missionaries.  The other day one of his elders whom he loves as a son, came up to him ad hugged him and said "thanks for being my dad in Russia." A young elder came up to me and said Elder Sutton is so awesome. I love him so much!"

Being able to be close to our missionaries is a great joy to us. Serving our mission president and his dear wife are a joy to us. Our friendships with the senior couples are a special joy to us.
AND I get to serve with my best friend! Dave and I have drawn closer together as we have served in the office together. I love him dearly and am so grateful for him and his strength and his example.
We have been blessed with good health. We have been blessed a desire to serve. We love being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We love serving our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. We love the many wonderful Russian people we are meeting at church and in daily activities.
We are working hard. Dave mentioned the other day that he can not remember a time when he was every busier.

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  1. You both are wonderful! I love and miss you so much! Don't worry, even when we're not missionaries anymore, we're still your missionaries. :) Love you!