Sunday, March 10, 2013

We laugh every day!

Our missionaries are having some experiences they would never have anywhere else. Our senior couples don't have the language down the way our young missionaries do. Sometimes the language barrier can definitely be a challenge.
For instance, the couple in Nizhny arrived at their apartment to discover that the water filtering system was hooked up to the bidet in the bathroom! There was NO way they were going to drink THAT water, filtered or not. It took 4 months of drinking bottled water before the system was installed in the kitchen where it belongs.
The couple in Voronezh say they laugh every day. Keeping a sense of humor definitely is a good idea. (when you take the wrong bus, when you buy food but find it is not what you thought it was once you open the can!), trying to get a replacement part for the refridgerator or getting a repairman to come over to look at your washing machine - when neither of you can speak each other's language.  It does make for some interesting experiences.
Amidst the challenges of living in a foreign country are MANY reasons to be happy, many reasons to laugh. What a great blessing we are having here in this wonderful land amongst a choice people.

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