Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our last visa trip

We took our last visa trip on March 4. Everything went very well. Our driver Yuri (who were borrowed from the area presidency) took us at 6 am since our driver Alexander had a committment with President Sorenson. The traffic wasn't too bad that early in the morning and the weather cooperated and we reached the airport in good time.

The flight to Riga, Latvia also went very smoothly. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes. We had breakfast at Lido's and had plenty of time to people-watch and read until we boarded the plane for our return to Moscow.

Riga has a whole different feel than Moscow. There are quite a few people who speak English and there is just a more relaxed atmosphere.

This, too, went very smoothly. Alexander picked us up and we were home by 5:15. Sometimes our young missionaries don't show up at the mission office until 7 or so, so we REALLY made good time.

The next time we board a plane at Sheremetevo will be when we return to the States in late August.

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