Monday, January 30, 2012

Beginning to say goodbye

This past weekend (January 27 - 29th) has been a wonderful one for us. We had our last night at the Boston temple Friday night. It was truly a highlight for both of us. We had a chance to work with some of our wonderful friends that we have served with over the past years. Some of our friendships truly are very precious to us.
We were both VERY busy and the night just flew by. The icing on the cake was the sealing of Matt and Marcia Long and their two precious little boys. Words cannot describe the joy we felt as we gathered together with dear friends to witness the celestial marriage, sealing them together as a forever family. Isn't this what it's all about? Temples are all about forever families.
I truly cannot imagine what it would be like if we did not have the opportunity of spending eternity with those we love.
Dave was released as a sealer from the Boston Temple and I was released as an ordinance worker from the Boston Temple.
We both recognized the special blessings we received this last night in the temple.
We anticipate that our mission will fly by and we will be back serving in the temple once again.

Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday provided us with the opportunity to see many friends that we don't see very often and gave us a chance to say dos vidonya for a time. When our mission was mentioned Saturday night and the location of our mission, there was an audible gasp.
We feel blessed and feel the support of friends and family as we begin this new season of our lives.

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