Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Weeks To Go

I was surprised by how hard it was in church today as the time comes closer for us for us to leave beloved friends and family for 18 months and journey to Moscow.

The purpose of this blog is to let you know how much we appreciate and love you and look forward to our continuing relationship with you, even from afar.

Please stay in touch with us - by Facebook, Email or good old snail mail.

Our address is

Elder David O. Sutton
Sister Barbara E. Sutton
Russia Moscow Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150

These letters arrive by pouch.

Use one sheet of paper and write on one side. Then fold into thirds and put the address, your return address and a $.44 stamp in corner. Seal by taping in the middile (not the ends).

Or for longer letters or packages (which our mom and children may need)_

Elder David Sutton
Sister Barbara Sutton
Russia Moscow Mission
Glavpochtampt a/ia 257
Moscow 101000

We are grateful for this modern age in which we will be able to keep in touch with each other.

Until next week.....dos vidonya.

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  1. Ах мальчик! Уже близко. Ах мальчик! Уже близко.