Monday, January 23, 2012

Speaking in Russian

 Today  Dave and I were asked to speak in our ward (congregation) on our preparations for our fast approaching mission. We each began our remarks with a few words in Russian. We could tell they were REALLY impressed, especially when I emphatically told them that the one thing I did NOT want to do was to learn a new language. Dave had more interest in learning a new language than I did. However, as previously mentioned, the opportunity was afforded to us to have a wonderful tutor (a returned missionary  recently back from a mission in Ukraine which language is quite similar to Russian). Why would we turn down an opportunity to learn (or at least make a serious attempt?) Anyway, we have been working very hard in our preparations - physically (getting in better shape by working out at the gym, and striving to be as healthy as we can be) and spiritually (being prayerful and reading the scriptures and other Church material).

 It is our desire to serve the Russian people to the best of our ability.  So we will add learning Russian. This is taking time and patience but is also rewarding as we figure things out, understand more and can speak more simple phrases Hopefully in the next 17 hours of language training before we leave, we will improve even more and feel more confident in our ability to communicate with these wonderful people whom we are being called to serve. Once we arrive at the MTC we will meet up w/ Carson Monson (our tutor) again and have another 8 hours of language training.

I didn't have much confidence in myself that I could learn a new language. I am learning however, that if I put the time in that I can learn. Psalms 118:8 says "it is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in man". Ok, when we sent in our papers to serve a mission in the first place we decided not to make any specific requests but to let the Lord decide. Since He decided to send us to Russia, and gave us the chance and opportunity to learn a new language than I have to trust that He will help me accomplish this.

Dos vidonya and boods da rove.

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