Monday, January 16, 2012

Dobrey Dee en, Men ya za voot Barbara. Men Moosh David. Cock de lah? Skohl vuee?  Mbl harashow. Ya eez Massachusetts. Mbl ochen pree aht nah. Cock vos sz voot?

OK, enough of that. Just a few phrases (even though not necessarily w/ the Russian characters. I have to)figure out how to do that.

Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks  until we board a plane for Salt Lake City. We are keeping very busy. I started packing a couple of days ago. There will be a lot of switching things around and changing my mind, but with three "piles" I still feel I am ahead of the game.

We are both continuing our Russian lessons. We both know the Russian alphabet pretty well now and now we are working on our numbers. Since I have the alphabet down, I wake up counting to 10 in Russian. Still struggling w/ 9 and 10. We are supposed to be learning 11 - 20. Both of us are trying to write things in Russian and are reading some. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law Don and Trixie Sutton are sending us messages on FB in Russian using the Russian characters. It is fun to try to figure out what they say and I am proud to say we are usually able to figure it out. We are starting to read in Russian! Long ways to go, but it is a start.

We both feel that we will be in a better position to serve the Russian people if we can at least understand a few of their phrases. Plus I think it shows them that we care enough to at least to try.
We have a very busy week ahead. Dave is SO organized (it's almost scary). Me? not so much, but I am making progress.

Until next week, dos vidonya.

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  1. what? you don't think starting to pack and make piles SEVEN weeks before you leave is organized? You're organized.
    Trust me.