Friday, January 20, 2012

There are different kinds of missions

We leave for Salt Lake on March 1, just under 6 weeks. We know that we are going to be in the mission office. I will be acting as secretary and Dave will be working with finances, but we don't know what else we will be responsible for, what our hours are or anything like that. We'll let you know that later when we actually know.

We were aware when we started the process that there are different kinds of missions. Humanitarian, Church Education, office (like us), working with young single adults program (18 - 30 years old), leadership where the missionaries help strengthen the church in areas of the world that are struggling. I'm sure there are others.

We have friends at the temple, the Hadleys who served a Russian humanitarian mission. They loved it and have been very helpful in answering questions and helping us practice our Russian. There is another couple, the Alicos, that we know who are serving in Nahodka. It is WAY out there. They have been helping strengthen the little ward in this remote area. We just learned from them that they are being transferred. WOW.

Brother and Sister Alico just left from Nahodka, traveling west into Siberia to be in a city on the east of Lake Baikal. THEN in March when another missionary couple goes home, they will travel again between that city to one on the west side of the lake to work with the Young Singles in two branches. Now, get this. These two branches, which mean VERY small congregations (I'm guessing  20 - 40 people) are 7 hours apart by train. My hat goes off to them for their dedication. They have told us what a wonderful experience they are having and how much they love the Russian people.

I have to admit, the closer we get to leaving the more excited I am for our mission to begin. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Russia and the Russian people. Since I am a people person, I am curious as to how well I will be able to communicate with them with my limited Russian.

We have been continuing our lessons. We have 18 more hours of lessons with Brother Monson (who is distantly related to President Monson. Of course I wanted to know.) That should help since we have learned the alphabet and a few phrases and some numbers, all of which will be beneficial to know once we are there.

Until next time boods dah rove and dos vidonya.

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