Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saying goodbye is hard

Our wonderful replacements have arrived. Alan and Leslie Meilstrup will be the new office couple. They are excited to be here and raring to go! We have acquainted them with the apartment, showed them briefly around the office and a little of the neighborhood which will be home for the next 18 months. There is no doubt that the office will be in good hands. What an incredible and wonderful journey they are embarking on.
The closer the time comes to our departure, the harder it is. Where did the time go? It seems as if we just got here. We have grown to love Russia and our service here so very much.
I know that it is time to move on. There are adventures yet ahead, family to connect with and life in the United States to get back to.
The friendships we have made here are precious to us and the memories will bring a smile to our faces for the rest of our life.
Now it is time to get down to business and we have 5 days at the office to help Elder and Sister Meilstrup "get up to speed" with the running of the office. (we couldn't do this by ourselves). We are blessed with wonderful office elders, our two Russian sisters, Diana and Luba who "help keep us legal" by handling visa matters and so much more! We love our office family, our mission family, our Zelonograd Ward family, our missionaries SO much.
What a blessing it will be for them to serve with President and Sister Borders! And as we love our dear President and Sister Sorenson, we have grown to love President and Sister Borders in the short time they have been here. What a great blessing they are to this vast mission.
 I am looking forward to hugging my mom again, meeting our new granddaughter, baking with Abby, playing with Kyler seeing my children and friends. I do know that it is time to go home. But it is still hard. We will never be the same after experiencing life here in Moscow Russia as part of the Russia Moscow Mission, playing the tiniest part here in helping the work roll forth in bringing the light of the gospel to this people. Taking care of the needs of 130 (give or take) missionaries has been an honor and a joy.
My sweet husband declared a couple of days ago, I'm not going home! I can truthfully say that as we leave, we leave behind a part of our hearts and a great love and respect for the Russian people. May God bless them! May God bless our great mission!

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