Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last visa trip group

Sadly, we are beginning our "lasts" as we are in our last month here in Russia. Today was our last visa group. For the last time, I got out the bread I bought this morning fresh from the productee, the peanut butter and jam, sliced some bananas and left them for our hungry missionaries to enjoy when they returned from their migration/visa trip to Riga Latvia. They turned around shortly after arriving there for the flight back to Moscow.

For the past many months, we have provided peanut butter and jam, nutella and honey for our missionaries to munch on when they come into the office  to have their documents scanned. food on the plane isn't always the tastiest, and thanks to Samantha Michalczyk, who sent me 16 jars of the nutty treat a year ago, our missionaries have enjoyed this snack when they come into the office. Several months ago, the productee started carrying peanut butter (at almost $10 for a small jar) so I was able to continue providing this after I ran out of Samantha's peanut butter a few months ago. They love it and they appreciate it.

What I love is the interaction with missionaries I don't get to see very often, some coming into the office from the outer cities. Today I bade farewell to Elder Potter and Sister McDaniel among others whom I will not see again. How I love these young men and women! They have become so dear to Elder Sutton and I as we have helped provide them with those things they need from the office.

Elder Atterton asked when we were going home and when I said the end of the month, he gave me a "look."  "Sister Sutton we don't want you and Elder Sutton to go!"

Part of me will stay behind with these wonderful missionaries and the experiences we have had here will stay with both of us for a lifetime.

There are more "lasts" ahead, and we are taking them one at a time. As nice as it will be to see our family again, leaving Russia will most definitely be bittersweet.

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  1. Enjoy every last moment!! What a fantastic experience.