Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Don Quixote

August ,5 Dave and I, along with 5  other senior couples attended a ballet in the little theatre next door to the famous Bolshoi. It was called "The Theatre of Young People". It is in an older building, not nearly as elegant as some theatres we have been into: nevertheless, it had a homey feeling. There were fans and programs for sale. The theatre is not air conditioned and can get quite warm' thus, they sell fans. I bought one, but where we were sitting, there was a cross breeze from an outside window and we were very comfortable. We had great seats.
We have never been to a ballet before and neither one of us was quite sure what to expect.
The program spelled out what was going on in each of the scenes. The performers were cast perfectly!  What a wonderfully delightful experience it was. The performers were very professional and the costumes they wore were beautiful.
There was humor and not only was the dancing superb, but they were great actors as well. We enjoyed ourselves so much.
It was a perk being with our wonderful friends and fellow missionaries. This may be the last or one of the last opportunities we will have in Russia to attend a performance such as this.
A delightful evening.

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