Friday, January 4, 2013

What is sharma?

At Christmas Conference today, Elder Everett asked what we were having for lunch. Senior couples brought in a variety of salads and cookies. The main dish was provided. SHARMA. When I told Elder Everett we were having sharma, he thought I was kidding. The missionaries LOVE sharma! They have been warned against buying it from little shops that sell it on the streets, but it is very popular and well loved. I have to admit, walking down Music Alley on our way to the Central Building in Moscow, there is a sharma shop. It is a huge piece of meat cooked slowly and then shaved off and added to vegetables for a delicious sandwich. There were 142 of these sharma sandwiches brought in for lunch today and the missionaries were in heaven. (It is just important to buy it from a reputable establishment;otherwise you can get VERY sick). Since Elder Sutton and I ar vegan we did not have any sharma but enjoyed the variety of salads available.

I think my son Michael and son-in-law Jeff  would LOVE sharma. Maybe if Shauna comes to Russia for a visit, she can try this Russian delight!

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