Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little sign language goes a long way.

Choot choot Rooseeya  means little Russian. Our mission driver Alexander is wonderful but he knows little English and I know little Russian. He came into the office today just as I was wrapping things up for the day. I recognized that he was getting ready to go and REALLY wanted a ride home. So I quickly started my boots on. (as a hint of course). He had started heading down the stairs but glanced up and saw me putting on my boots. He asked a question (which I thought said are you going home?) I said da (yes). He said something else I didn't understand (which I thought meant, I'll give you a ride home). I said ha ra show Spah see buh. which means good. thank you. He then said something else which I assumed meant I'll meet you downstairs. I shook my head and said spah see buh again. I got my coat on quickly, met him down at the van and hopped in. He knows the way to our apartment. It is only about a mile to the apartment, but I was carrying a big bag and it was cold so I thought to myself a ride would be really nice! I  asked him "zhenah?" which means wife. He pointed to his throat and I said "Oozhis?" which means awful? He responded da. So, with just a few words and some sign language, I got a ride home, learned that he was fine, but his wife was sick with a sore throat.  Not bad for a 3 minute ride. Dos vidonya.

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