Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The metro

I will soon be publishing more on the metro. I will be posting some beautiful pictures of the different metro stations and sharing with you what it is really like on the metro.

A couple of days ago, our life got easier with the opening of a new metro station, Piatnitskya, within 5 minutes walk from our apartment and 7  or 8 minutes from the office.

Instead of catching a bus to take us to the metro station in Mitino, we can now walk to Piatnitskya and board there and don't have to worry about waiting for a bus in the freezing cold and the 10 to 20 minute ride on a bus. It is GREAT.

As much as I still WON"T go on the metro alone, it is the only way to go. You are underground. It doesn't matter what the weather is. You get to your destination quickly even if you are at times squished like a sardine in a can.

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