Monday, January 14, 2013


When it's zero and snowing and there's snow packed ground beneath you, one would expet it to be slippery. Well, on the way to church yesterday, no problem. Sidewalks were clear. HOWEVER, when we got on the #10 bus  at Z-grad to go to our bus stop for Church, we certainly did not expect an ice skating rink on the bus. It was a slippery mess. We sat down in the first available seats and I helped a babuska (by lending her a hand literally) as she went sliding by). A man sat down facing us and he noticed me watching the people boarding the bus and then watching how they handled the icy floor and smiled and he started talking up a storm. We smiled and nodded as he went on and on. I wonder if he figured out we didn't understand a word he was saying. we did understand the gist of what he was saying though).

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