Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are still in Russia

Monday Alexsei arrived at the office to look at the copier. We were thrilled to think that at last the copier would get fixed. Well, we were wrong. It appears that his responsiblity was to actually determine if there was something wrong with the copier. Yep, there is something wrong with the copier. Yep, I know what's wrong with it. Nope, I'm not here to fix it. Just to confirm that it is broken. Hmmmm. So the waiting begins again.
In the meantime, there had been a mixup with an order from the Distribution Center. Two of us ordered paper (for the copier), so we have double what we need and no copier to use it with. Oh well. Such is life in Russia.

Remember how I told you that we were told to go home and that it is not uncommon for missionaries to be told that? Keeping in mind that so many people have been raised in aethist homes, this is understandable. And yet we are learning that there are people who are searching for more than what they have been given, which in many instances is nothing. No hope, no joy. Elder and Sister J, a couple who have just arrived from the States within the past month, had a sweet experience. They were sitting on the metro and noticed  a young man watching them and reading their name tags with curiosity. When a seat opened up next to them, the young man came over and sat next to them and said in halting English, "I see that you wear Jesus Christ next to your heart." He then asked if there was anything he could read. They had a copy of the Liahona in Russian, a monthly Church magazine. He was thrilled with his gift and went off with a smile.

Sister L went out of her way to return to a grocery store (not convenient to get to) to give a lady in the salad department the address of the nearest ward (congregation) to her as she was interested in learning more.

I know that many of the 108 missionaries currently in our mission have sweet experiences like this every day.

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