Sunday, July 29, 2012

A clean sweep

The mission office broom is worn out so I decided to order a new one from Legacy. I shouldn't have been surprised when I saw the broom when it arrived a couple of days later. (there was no picture of it.) It is the kind of broom we see the street sweepers use. Looks like a bunch of brush tightly wrapped together with twine at the top. Dave described it as looking like a witches broom. It stands about 3 feet high. Now I know there are brooms out there because we bought one at Neptune for our kitchen. I never dreamed we would get a witches' broom (except that a witches' broom would have a longer handle.). I wonder what Svetlana (our wonderful mission office cleaning lady) will think when she sees the new broom we bought for her to sweep the kitchen. Oh well.........

We have had more experiences as of late with Russian speakers coming up to us and starting to talk. Sometimes you can tell they are just "shooting the breeze". They talk a while and we nod and smile pleasantly. I wonder if they figured out we can't understand them.  Today on our way to church, a man and his son noticed my name tag (which as Sister Sutton Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in Russian of course. The dad wanted to carry on a conversation, but quickly figured out we couldn't speak Russian so he shook Dave's hand and they went on their way. Oh, how we would like to be able to talk to them! Language is coming slowly. Understanding Russian is VERY difficult.

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