Sunday, July 15, 2012

Victory Park

A couple of weeks ago we went to Victory Park with some of the other senior couples. It is located at Polklonnaya Gora, the highest hill in Moscow. It is the hill where Napoleon, with his troops surrounded Moscow and waited in vain to be given the keys to the city of Moscow (Kremlin) in 1812.

Russia is steeped in Russian military history. This park memorializes World War II and Russia's involvement in this devestating war. This war took a huge toll on Russia and elderly Russians are revered for having survived this difficult time. Over twenty million people lost their lives in Russia alone. Staggering!

On May 9, Victory Day in Russia, the park becomes the center of Moscow's celebrations. World War II is also referred to as the Great Patriotic War.
                                One of the beautiful fountains. Children play in the fountains.
One of the many sculptures in the park. This is located at the base of a tall monument. In this sculpture the dragon is slain.
                   This haunting memorial to all the Jews who lost their lives during the war
              This United Nations Memorial is dedicated to all the victorious nations of WW II
          This monument is dedicated to all the suffering and sorrow experienced during the war
                                          The one Russian Orthadox Cathedral in the park
                             Barb with Elder and Sister Pierson and Elder and Sister Naegle

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