Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daisies and vodka bottles......

An interesting combination, but one we have seen frequently as we walk to the mission office every morning. Beautiful daisies (my favorite flower) blooming in the grass along the sidewalks, and not far away, empty vodka bottles strewn in the grass or standing up as if someone had neatly left them behind. The stray dogs come and sniff the flowers and then the bottles, hoping for something to eat perhaps? or maybe a drink? Just what we need in Moscow. Drunk stray dogs! That would surely improve their dispostions. (which are generally quite mellow. They are used to people but are still strays). Summer is here in Moscow and everything is green and beautiful. We get plenty of rain here, along with abundant sunshine. Temperatures have been moderate and not hot and humid as we expect in July and August. Of course, days are so long and bright. We continue to have experiences here we will have nowhere else. A few days ago, David ran an errand for me which has fallen under my responsibilities as the secretary of the Moscow Mission. While I made dinner he went to the opteka (pharmacy) looking for de-worming pills and prozac. As previously mentioned, when the missionaries go home they are instructed to take de-worming pills. EEEYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I'm responsible for getting our missionaries ready to go home and since this is in their departure packet, I guess I need to buy the pills too. Pharmacists don't blink when we go in and ask for 10 or 12 boxes of these pills. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. We continue to be more comfortable as we go through routine daily experiences. Dave gets his hair cut at a barber shop similar to those in America. He shows a photogaph of his haircut (even though I don't think it's necessary. It's not like he has lot of options. ha ha.) because the barber doesn't speak any English. The cost is only $4 or $5. One of the more disconcerting experiences Dave has had is that in the men's public rest rooms, it is not uncommon for a cleaning woman to just walk in. She walks in like she owns the place and it doesn't phase her at all that she is in men's territories! (however it DOES bother Dave!) When we moved in we noticed a very large watering pot on a shelf. We learned that this is to be used when we lose our hot water for a couple of weeks during the summer. I have noticed our water is looking rusty and not as warm. I wonder if it is starting. I tend to think so. OH NO! There is a lot more to post but will do so a little later. Until then, dosvidonya.

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