Sunday, July 28, 2013

Watch what you say!

The Russian language has not come easy to me and there are SO many rules and exceptions, it's enough to boggle my mind. As in English, sometimes the same word and same spelling can have different meanings. However, in Russian the emphasis is put in a different place.
Take for instance the word mooka.  MOOka means torture.
                                                          MooKAH means flour.
I recently learned that for many months I asked for torture when I meant flour. Whoops. I'm glad I can recognize flour in the store and don't have to ask for it..
Thank heavens for signing. I can generally get my point across with a bit of Russian and some signing.
The girls in the productee (pronounced proDOOKtee) love to talk to me. They chatter away in Russian and I try so hard to get the gist of what they are saying (with success sometimes). Usually I just shrug my shoulders and smile and they laugh. I was able to get across yesterday that we are going home on August 30th and that I love Russia. I guess that's enough for now. They just appreciate it if you try. :o)

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