Sunday, July 21, 2013

She's crazy!

Our apartment building has a concierage.  Her name is Svetlana. She takes her job very seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. The apartments around here do have someone who is a "guard" so to speak and that is a form of protection. However, I feel like we live in a very safe apartment. There is a second concerage who works a different shift. She doesn't smile much either, but is more pleasant than Svetlana. Even our landlady who owns the apartment we live in wonders what Svetlana's problem is. I am guessing that Svetlana is bored to death sitting in a little room watching the people come and go. Anyway  I am sorry that she seems so unhappy.

In order to get into the apartment building in the first place there is an 8 number code to get in, a second door to go through, the "guard" to pass and up the elevator two doors each locked to go through before getting to our apartment door with 6 locks on 2 keys. Wow.

Anyway, she doesn't smile readily and watches the door like a hawk which is her job. However, she has an attitude and sometimes gives our guests a hard time. I really think Svetlana has it in for Gohar, my hairdresser, who has been to our home many times. She gives her a hard time whenever she comes to the point where she starts yelling. Hmmmm. I had to rescue Gohar this past week. I heard Svetlana yelling from the tenth floor. Gohar was standing outside the elevator door ready to jump in to get away from the icy glare of Svetlana who was watching her intently. I popped my head out so Svetlana could see me and practically pulled Gohar onto the elevator and up we went. When the elevator closed she said, SHE IS CRAZY!  I think Svetlana needs to work on her social skills a bit. She has also given our visiting missionaries a hard time. However, the difference between the missionaries and Gohar, is that Gohar doesn't put up with it and talks back to her where the missionaries don't.

She seems a very unhappy person. I have gotten her to smile at me a few times and a time or two I have taken her down some homemade muffins which she takes but doesn't acknowledge. The biggest smile I got from her was when I called her by name and handed her a big candy bar. I have to remember to introduce her to the Meilstrup's, our replacements, so she will know that they now live here and doesn't give them a hard time. The Meilstrup's will move in on August 30.

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