Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coming in for a landing

It is surprising how few bugs we see here in Moscow. I have yet to see a mosquito.There are bees. Big and black and ugly bumble bee-type and regular-looking little bumble bees. We first encountered one of these black bees last summer when there was one on the bus trying to get out. We were told that they are aggressive and I was glad he didn't come near me.

 It wasn't until a few days ago that we encountered our second black bumble-sized bee. This one was on the metro. He was flying clumsily around also trying to find a way out. He was making some of the passengers uncomfortable and I was practically holding my breath hoping it would keep it's distance from us.

However, the bee had other plans.  We watched anxiously as this little dive bomber came in for a landing.......right on the tip of Dave's nose! It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Dave had an alarmed look on his face and he  zeroed in on the bee from both sides as his arms and hands came out to quickly push it off in a sweeping motion. It landed on the floor where it bounced once and then clumsily flew off. Fortunately, it took off and left us alone.

Across from us sat Jeannie and Ken Pierson, who hadn't noticed the commotion and the office elders who, along with a Russian man was watching this unfold. All of were laughing.
We're glad that the bee took off and that no harm was done.
I imagine the bee is flying around the metro still, bringing a bit of excitement to the passengers,  so I suggest to all our metro riders to BEEEEE -ware!

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