Sunday, November 18, 2012

Primary Presentation

One of our very favorite  Sundays is the week when our Primary children (age 3 - 11) are the program under the guidance of their Primary teachers. The Primary program is under the guidelines of the Church, so all the programs are the same throughout the world. The teachers start preparing the young ones weeks ahead of time.
I remember when our children were small and were in the program so many years ago. Shauna, so shy and Kevin smiling and waving. I remember our program in the Ludlow Ward last year and these precious young ones (I was one of the teachers) were the Sacrament program.
It consists of talks ( 30 seconds to a couple of minutes) with lots of Primary songs sprinkled in between. The Primary class in the Zelonograd ward is small. Each child introduced themselves before they gave their "talk". They are beautiful children.
Some of the children sang solos. One little guy sang I Am A Child of God in English. What a pleasant surprise that was. He and his family had previously visited in America.
Their names included Yevah, Malina, Krisinia, Timothy, Roman and Kirill (instead of Kaileigh, Elizabeth, James and Max back home). Some were more confident than others, some had memorized their lines, some hadn't, just like back home.
How I love the music. Even though the words were Russian, the melody was the same as these little ones sang Choose The Right, I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus and the Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock along with the hand motions that go with it.
It is a source of comfort to us to know that even though I mayh not get all the words, either in Sacrament meeting or Relief Society lesson, the lessons being taught are the same in Ludlow MA. as in Zelonograd.
Every week that we attend we draw a little closer to this wonderful congregation of Russian Saints.
It was a joyful day.

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